Tired of floating out there on your own?

My goal is to support you in waking up to your essential self.


One-on-one YES sessions are the perfect solution for those who are not comfortable sharing private and sometimes sensitive information in a group setting. Sessions are designed to take you through the Your Essential Self (YES) course once a week over a twelve week period, or longer, depending on your schedule. Exercises between sessions will help you put the principals learned into practice in your daily life to create the lasting change you desire.

The YES curriculum is a completely different approach to weight loss and management. Rather than seeing eating less and exercising more as a method to lose weight – those things are seen as the desired result. YES lays the foundation needed for success. The tools you learn in the course will change you forever, and choosing healthy foods, quantities and activities will feel easy and inspired from within.

You will meet with Allyn Cioban, ERYT 500, in person, via phone, or Zoom for practice and practicum weekly for twelve consecutive weeks. You will walk away from this course with a tool box filled with easy to use techniques that will continue to transform your body, health and life.

After the initial three months, you may choose to continue to work with Allyn as your Mind-Body Mentor. Delve more deeply into the areas that you desire additional support to continue with the forward momentum of your journey into Your Essential Self. At this time, sessions can include menu planning, grocery shopping (in the field), private yoga and/or meditation, mentoring, Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Planetary chart, and more. The sessions are results driven and always focused on the bigger vision, your desired outcome.

Engaging in one-on-one sessions is not simply purchasing a system. Rather, you are investing in your future, your brain, your health, and your ability to live a life present in each moment, creating a future filled with the things that matter most to you.


I can’t believe how incredible my results have been, with what feels like very little effort! Working with you has been amazing - thank you for your love, support, and guidance. ~Diamond


We covered so much material in the YES Workshop! And, as is the case with many self-care and self-empowerment courses, once the sessions end, so does our involvement with the powerful material we were introduced to. All of that wisdom often sits idly in a notebook, in a closet, while we continue to hope to find the time to revisit and work with the tools that gave us such hope and inspiration during our course. I want to bring the material back into the forefront of your mind, and help you keep it present in your life in an ongoing way. I am committed to helping you feel great, empowered, and as inspired as you were during your YES course, through our monthly connections. 

During our monthly meeting we will discuss one of the YES tools, and I will remind you of the pertinent information on that topic. Each of you will have time to share about how you are or have been doing in a particular area, what has been working for you, as well as what you would like to improve upon. You will be encouraged to ask questions and have the opportunity to request support, where you feel you need it. 

Below are the monthly days, dates, and times. Sign up below to join the group!

·       2nd Wednesdays, 2-3:30PM
·       2nd Thursdays, 6-7:30PM
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YES Grads Group - online mentoring - 6 monthly sessions

 Get back in conversation with Your Essential Self, and continue to purposefully recreate your story, your life, your happiness, your love relationships, and your health. Let the YES Grad Group deliver the mental and emotional clarity, freedom, and strength you once experienced. 

The time is now and the answer is YES!   

YES Grads Group - online mentoring - 6 monthly sessions

I welcome your questions, requests, issues, and desires. Please let me know what you want support with, and what information, techniques, and tools you would like to have refreshed. On our monthly meetings, you’ll have time to share, to ask me questions and receive answers, and to connect with other YES Grads.

I’m so looking forward to connecting again, and on a regular basis!

Everything I do is in order to help people wake up to the unconscious habits and patterns in their body, their heart, their mind, and with food/eating that are hurting them and holding them back from loving themselves and their lives. I guide them through processes using the science of spirituality and yogic wisdom to help them make conscious choices and changes that completely transform their body, their life, and how they feel about themselves. This is a labor of love, compassion, and commitment to share with my clients what has and continues to successfully work for myself. With love, Allyn

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