Your Essential Self (YES) was developed by Allyn Cioban as an answer to the question “How?” to make lasting change in one’s life. 

Her original focus was how to use the mind-body connection to positively impact her habitual patterns of food and diet obsession, poor self-image caused by distorted body-image and to gain control of her changing and aging body. She has since realized that the body of work she synthesized as the YES Workshop works for all areas of desired change – relationships, career, financial abundance, physical and mental health as well as overall quality of life. She has guided her clients to create seeming miracles and dreams come true! If you are truly ready to transform yourself and your life, now is the time to say YES!

12 Week Course

This 12-week program is a formula for lasting change! It is a deep and unique approach to better health, happiness, wishes fulfilled, spiritual connection and self-appreciation. It makes healthy lifestyle choices feel easy and inspired from within. Each session includes yoga philosophy and practice, brain exercises, pranayama, affirmations, meditation, mantra, mudra and so much more!


Escape the daily grind and connect with Your Essential Self at a yoga retreat steeped in luxury! The YES Retreat is an intensive, inside out approach to weight loss,  self appreciation, better health, happiness and overall wellbeing. Twice daily yoga classes, brain retraining exercises, introspection, nourishing food and optional spa treatments will leave you feeling refreshed and with a filled toolbox to continue your journey of transformation.


Private YES sessions are the perfect solution for those who prefer completely individualized attention. Sessions take you through the Your Essential Self (YES) course based on your scheduling preferences. Follow up exercises, between sessions, support you in establishing the practice principals in your daily life that create the lasting changes you desire.