Your Essential Self (YES) was developed by Allyn Cioban as an answer to the question “How?” to make lasting change in one’s life. Her original focus was how to use the mind-body connection to positively impact her habitual patterns of food and diet obsession, poor self-image caused by distorted body-image and to gain control of her changing and aging body. She has since realized that the body of work she synthesized as the YES Workshop works for all areas of desired change – relationships, career, financial abundance, physical and mental health as well as overall quality of life.  

Allyn has been teaching this course for over ten years now, and has seen the toolbox she compiled make positive and lasting changes in many lives. Her students have manifested career promotions and moves (even within niches in their chosen fields that hadn’t previously existed); relationships and marriages; babies (after having been told having more children was not possible); seemingly miraculous healing; dramatic weight loss; freedom from haunting mental patterns such as anxiety and depression; new homes; self-acceptance and self-love – truly, dreams come true!

YES lays the foundation needed for success. Based on the grounds that “what we think about, we bring about,” the YES program lays a necessary foundation of brain retraining exercises that support our ability to change what and how we think. Rooted in the yogic sciences and the understanding that we cannot change a habit we are unaware of, YES utilizes yoga philosophy (the subtle energy bodies), pranayama (breath control), asana (postures), mudra (hand seals), mantra (sound vibration) and Divine Spiritual Wisdom (laws of the universe) as tools to gain consciousness of the patterns of mind, body and beyond that hold us captive in our self-defeating ways. The magic of this program is found in its name, Your Essential Self. You will learn that to connect with your essence, the part of you that is unlimited, eternal, divine, perfect, and always goodness, gives you the power to create absolutely anything you desire! It is Allyn’s great honor and absolute joy to teach you just how to do that.

The YES curriculum is a completely different approach to personal transformation that works. The tools you learn in this course will change you forever. You will have what you need to choose positive thoughts, words, feelings, attitudes and actions that move you in the direction you want, and it will feel easy and inspired from within! If you are truly ready to make a change for the better in any area of your life, this is the course for you! All you have to do is say YES!

YES combines many modalities:

  • brain exercises

  • yoga asana (postures)

  • pranayama (breath work)

  • yoga philosophy (subtle energy body)

  • Divine Spiritual Wisdom (practical applicationof the laws of the universe)

  • positive affirmations

  • mudra (hand postures)

  • mantra (sound vibration)

  • meditation

  • mindfulness

  • …and so much more!

You will meet with Allyn Cioban, E-RYT 500, for practice and practicum weekly for eleven to twelve consecutive weeks and will walk away from this course with a tool box filled with easy to use techniques that will continue to transform your career, relationships, body, health and life!




"Allyn could not be a better teacher and mentor for ultimate health. I met her as my yoga teacher and I was one of those classic quitters, could never find a studio or teacher who worked for me, felt awkward, distracted, etc. From the moment I stepped into her class, I was transformed. Her expertise, calming instruction, positive countenance and judgement free process is a joy to be a part of. I have been a student ever since, now practicing 3-5 times a week. I signed up for her 12 week YES workshop and that was life altering and the cherry on top of a magical yoga experience. She has changed my life and my health. I have never felt better, moved better, been calmer and centered. I have so much more to learn from her. She is a magical gem!" 


"I have taken the YES Workshop twice. The first time I manifested a husband. The second time I had no idea what I wanted for myself, I just knew I was not happy with my career. Allyn patiently guided me to see past the blank space that was in front of me, and helped me envision a future that excited me. Since then, I completely shifted the focus of my business and I am so happy! I love this course and am thinking about taking it again!"


"A very thorough, well thought out, beautifully presented program. Really helped me see myself differently. A life enhancing, empowering, loving workshop filled with wisdom. I highly recommend you do it!" 


"Before YES I struggled with feelings of low self worth and mild depression. During the workshop I became excited and hopeful about making positive changes in my life - and got to know some awesome ladies! Now, I feel empowered to work toward my life's goals!"     


"I feel so much stronger emotionally and physically! When the negative self-talk begins, I now have the tools to recognize and shift my thinking! I am more conscious in my food choices and am definitely eating less! I'm excited about living my life being true to myself and realizing my dreams!"  


"The journey of YES! has been amazing! There are no words to express my appreciation for this life-affirming workshop!"  


"This workshop has taught me how to take care of myself first, so then I can happily take care of everybody around me!"    


“It’s as if a switch in my brain turned from ‘off’ to ‘on’ – it’s just easier now  to eat right and exercise!” 

Marie Elena:

“I lost fifteen pounds during the workshop. I’ve lost close to sixty since it ended! You can’t imagine how amazing I feel, and I’m so proud to be such a healthy example for my kids! 


“I started the workshop for weight loss, and came out of it with a comprehensive approach to total well-being! I’m at my lowest weight in eight years; I’m stronger, more flexible and more balanced (mind & body).” 


“I learned so much from Allyn! I feel better about my body and now have amazing tools to continue to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle! The yoga classes included all levels (I was a beginner and some were advanced) and it worked well. With her encouraging, gentle approach I found I can do more than I ever thought possible!”