Allyn started her yoga practice like many other students, attracted to the physical fitness aspect. She’d been a group fitness teacher and athlete most of her life, and quickly fell in love with the sweat, strength and sensations of the Vinyasa practice. But it was the feeling of deep connection to her true self that she felt at the end of practice that kept her coming back to her mat. Wanting more of that connection, that inner peace, that blissful infinite love of the divine, and wondering how she would attain that when she could no longer do her physical practice – she searched for more! Eventually she made her way into a Naam Yoga class, and was delighted to find that this practice was the answer!

Allyn is thankful and grateful to her teachers. Tamal Dodge taught her the basics about the postures and the beauty of the sacred Yoga Sutra’s and Vedic texts. Annie Carpenter taught her the SmartFLOW method, how to utilize a strong focus on structural alignment and pranayama as tools for safe practice, deep self-inquiry and great self-acceptance.  Loren Fishman taught her how to work with seniors and people with Osteoporosis – a population she loves working with. Patricia Moreno, founder of the IntenSati method taught Allyn to be a Leader while using the power of intention, affirmation, mindfulness and movement to create a life she loves in a body she loves. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry teaches Allyn how to utilize devotional mantra meditation, ancient yogic mudras, powerful pranayama, micro yoga and Divine Spiritual Wisdom to tap into the divine within and all around.

It is Allyn’s great pleasure, honor and life’s work to teach yoga. Practicing with Allyn is recommended for students who want to learn how to practice safely for their body, with their unique ability level and with any physical limitations currently present for them (whether a seasoned practitioner or beginner). Allyn teaches mindfulness, self-inquiry, how to slow down enough to observe and be present with yourself, your thoughts, and your habits – yet mostly she teaches how to be compassionate and feel positive with whatever comes up for you.

She looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

Much love and light~