We are powerful creators!

We are powerful beings. We create with our thoughts. We create with our emotions. Many of us do so unconsciously, but it is happening. We are constantly reacting in our habitually patterned ways (first with thoughts, then with emotions, and eventually with actions). It might seem as though things are just happening to us, but it is not so – everything we are living is our creation.

Today I walked home from my chiropractor visit (shout out to Jeremy Brook of The Life Center!). I chose to enjoy the beautiful day, to move in a way I don’t often, and to on-purpose take the slower mode of transportation so I could enjoy a day of “not rushing around!” I stopped to get a green juice at Mrs. Winston’s along the way. When I pulled out a frequent juicer card from my wallet, the juice lady said, “Wow, this is an old one!” She was right, it had been a few years since I stopped working at a company down the street from there. As I continued my walk along Ocean Park Blvd., slurping my green drink, it dawned on me that I had walked that same path so many times in the past. This recollection made me smile so big, because I realized how different the walk was today from the thousands of times I had done it before. Kind of…

I worked at that company for seven years, and wanted to “just teach yoga” for the last few of them. I recalled that walk five days a week at lunch time, in my mind wishing I was not walking back to a job I didn’t want to do anymore. Then I remembered a “game” I started to play on that walk…I would pretend, act as if or visualize in my mind that I was a full time yoga teacher who was simply between classes/clients, enjoying a green juice and taking a leisurely stroll. It was fun and felt good to think like that, so I did it every time I could remember to!

Ocean Park Blvd - IMAGE.jpg

Today, between classes/clients, while enjoying a leisurely stroll, I realized that I had created this moment many years ago! It was perfect, just as I had visualized it would be and feel! Serendipitously, this is one of the lessons I’m teaching my students in the Your Essential Self 12-week yoga workshop this week. We are powerful. We create with our thoughts, with our emotions, with our imaginations. We have the power to get present, conscious, and to choose what we want to think and feel - and therefore create.

What are you creating right now?