Plain and simple, today’s children are our future.  I hear from parents, teachers and school administrators that kids are stressed out now, more than ever.

Plain and simple, today’s children are our future. I hear from parents, teachers and school administrators that kids are stressed out now, more than ever.

Children have less social interaction and less physically active play time than earlier generations because of technology as well as safety concerns. There is a tremendous amount of anxiety around succeeding and not failing. Some experience fear of going to school at all, because they have seen or heard of horrible crimes at schools in recent years. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that “rates of childhood depression have been rising in the last several years. It is a serious health condition, which if left untreated, increases risk of future, prolonged and more severe depressive episodes. Untreated depression in childhood and adolescence can pose risk of suicide.”

Many of us who will read this played outdoors with our friends daily after school until the sun went down; didn’t think about our safety while at school; and weren’t concerned about creating a successful future until well into high school. Things were slower and simpler when we were kids, and still we grew up and become stressed out adults who experience challenges that sometimes cause depression and anxiety in our lives. Can you imagine what your life would be like, how things might be different for you, if you had been exposed to mindfulness techniques such as yoga (union of the mind, emotions, energy, breath, and body), breath work (how to breathe to create a desired result such as relaxating, calming, or energizing), mudras (hand postures that direct energy in the body), mindfulness (being present with yourself as you focus completely on one thing at a time), and sound vibration (using self made sound frequencies to slow down habitual and unconscious thought patterns while creating positive and new neuropathways), and meditation (slowing down and focusing inward) during your childhood?

Can you imagine how these practices can help the children of today?

I have had the great pleasure of sharing my mindfulness program with large groups of children from fourth graders through high school seniors. The response from the kids has been encouraging enough - they shared that they had fun, learned new things, and felt noticeably better…physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Teachers, School Administrators, and Girl Scout Troupe Leaders I’ve worked with have all been blown away with how engaged their kids were during our sessions. The feedback from the Parents is what is really exciting. They have shared that they noticed a real difference with their child during and following our sessions! One parent witnessed a group of young girls doing the hand clapping sequence (mudras) and song (sound vibration with positive affirmations) I taught them at school at a birthday party!

Using a variety of methods including coordination movements, cardiovascular exercises, singing, clapping, laughter, meditation, and sharing, the kids are revitalizing their brains and bodies in a way that triggers the Vagus Nerve and relaxes the Parasympathetic Nervous System. I guide groups, classes, and auditoriums full of children to experience themselves in the present moment. This fun mindfulness practice reduces stress, anxiety, fear, physical pain, and emotional and mental duress. Children have fun and leave my sessions feeling happy, uplifted, relaxed, focused, and ready for their next adventure!

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