It is my honor to share with you a multitude of breathing practices, some of which date back to Patanjali, known as the Father of Yoga! These are the techniques that the Yogis from the Himalayas have used to bring their body, mind, and electromagnetic field back to life after sitting in Samadhi (a state of deep meditation) for an extended period.

In this two-hour workshop students will practice a series of breathing techniques to energize and awaken the body, mind, and energy body. Experience vitality and calm like you may have never before! Most of us tend to use a very small percentage of our lung capacity, breathing very shallowly for much of our life. This workshop will help you expand your breath capacity and perhaps even your understanding of the power of your breath.

This two-hour experiential class will begin to counteract the many stressors of our modern lives. You will learn the benefits associated with each different breathing practice. Some of the benefits are:

  • stimulate the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/heal state)

  • condition the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, and lungs)

  • balance the hormones

  • clean the blood

  • clear and calm the mind

  • improve digestion

  • better elimination

  • balance the emotions

  • bolster the adrenal system

  • bring a beautiful and healthy glow to your face

  • reduce back, hip and neck pain

Students should bring a mat, water bottle, and layers to accommodate changes in body temperature.

$30 registered by July 30
$39 after July 30


The lifestyle/fyi course: FIND YOUR INNER {HAPPINESS, health, success, love, light}

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A life changing journey to your happiest and most fulfilled self! The information you learn in this course is like receiving a personal GPS System to help guide you to create the life you really want.

Join Allyn Cioban, as she shares her passion for divine spiritual wisdom and the ancient yogic sciences as tools to achieve the life, love, career, health, and joyful connected-ness you dream of.

FYI is a prerequisite for the Naam Level 1 Teachers Training (RISE, TEACH, SHINE). However, you don’t have to want to teach to enjoy this course and improve your life experience!

FYI Course

The FYI course will introduce you to the Seven Creative Planets and your personal birth chart. We will examine how planetary influences can impact your health, career, and love relationships. We'll look at your challenges, habits, and patterns that are holding you back. You will learn how to harness the tools of Naam – yoga, movement, meditation, sound therapy, chanting, mantras, and mudras - to help you secure enduring health, happiness, love, and light across all aspects of your life.

Through the course, you will develop a daily mediation practice. You will also practice and gain an understanding of the healing power of breath, pranayam. You will learn practical tips and tools to improve your timing and communication in both personal and professional life. This is a beautiful and profound journey of discovery, a road map for this lifetime and beyond. If you are looking for answers, the FYI course will help you find them. 



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Allyn Cioban

Moved to share a path of inner healing that worked wonders for herself, Allyn became a yoga teacher. With ten years of competitive gymnastics, fourteen years of group exercise instruction and personal training, and 500+ hours training in Vinyasa, SmartFLOW, Restorative, and Yin yoga, Allyn expertly teaches postural alignment and breath control. Her personal practice, and therefore her teaching, evolved immensely under the tutelage of Spiritual Master and Naam Yoga Founder, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Allyn loves to share the sacred and healing practices of Naam and Divine Spiritual Wisdom, as a Level 1 & 2 Naam Teacher, a certified Trainer of the FYI Naam Lifestyle Course and The Naam 5, and as a Harmonyum Practitioner. Additionally, Allyn has taught a course she developed on consciousness for eleven years, Your Essential Self (YES). She believes wholeheartedly that through self-inquiry one is lead to self-awareness, which can change everything! It opens you up to self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-love. From there you have the ability to choose to love unconditionally – yourself and others. Today Allyn is dedicated to teaching you how to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically. She leads workshops, trainings, retreats, healing circles, and private sessions globally for individuals, groups, companies, schools, and students of all ages and ability levels.


YOUR ESSENTIAL SELF:  a transformation  

Dates to be Announced

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We had a beautiful, healing, and fun week at the gorgeous Villa La Perla in June 2018! We are planning our next adventure now, so check back soon for our 2019 Retreat dates!