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Hi Allyn, I wanted to thank you for a truly blessed and beautiful breathwork class today for my family and our friends. We were all amazed and in awe of your teaching abilities. You touched us and made a memorable birthday for Aber. Until next time...
— Noelle & Aber

Thank you for your interest in studying privately. Sessions are personalized, focused hours in which we can; design a home practice for you, fine tune your current practice, or guide you through a different practice each time. Sessions can be held at your home, office or a studio space, and are available in the following styles:  Vinyasa Yoga, Naam Yoga Therapies, Shakti Naam Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Guided Meditation, Pranayama, IntenSati and/or a blend of exactly what you need at any given time! 

Private yoga sessions are a great way to ensure that you are practicing physical poses  with optimal alignment for maximum benefit and longevity, accurately utilizing the tools of mantra, mudra and pranayama for healing, and to simply deepen or begin your practice in a safe manner for your body, mind and soul. 


  • Individual Single Session

  • 10-Pack Individual (-20% per Individual Single Session)

  • Groups Single Session

  • Corporate Packages

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Allyn Cioban is everything you want in a Yoga Instructor. The kind you only recommend to very good friends! Besides her spot-on demonstrations of positions and the graceful path to them, she is able to verbally describe the inner workings and relationships of bone and muscle in a simple way. Following her meticulous instructions, which sound like loving encouragements, I find the positions full potential...and my down dog suddenly feels in alignment. I am at my body’s edge and yet somehow at rest.

Allyn is also skilled at taking a whole class to its edge, its full potential, while always keeping everyone physically safe and emotionally supported.
— Daryl Reynolds